Proud na ibinalandra ni Yassi ang kanyang no filter body figure sa IG kasabay ng pahayag na handa na siyang bumalik sa kanyang healthy lifestyle.

Sa Instagram post ng Viva actress nitong Enero 10, 2022, sinabi niya na matapos ang isang taong “fitness hibernation” ay nagpasya na siyang bumalik sa kanyang fitness journey.

“I woke up one day from my fitness “hibernation” & decided to get back on track. I had fun letting go and not caring, chomping down all the chips, eating fastfood almost everyday, drinking all the soda and snacking at midnight, but I listened to my body after letting go & I realized I wanted to go back to being strong, and hopefully this time even healthier than before.

“Loved my thiccccness tho, 🍑, I’m definitely going to TRY to keep that in places where I want it, hihi. Buttt I will definitely also try MY BEST to eleminate the new cellulite that I have developed lol,” sey ng aktres.

Sa hiwalay na post, hinikayat ni Yassi ang kanyang mga followers na sundan siya sa kanyang journey.

Sey pa ng aktres, walang masama kung gusto ng isang tao na magpahinga.

“I think that there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a break. Gusto mo rin magpahinga, and just to have fun, and to let go.

“I call it my ‘hibernation period.’

“This year I want to start new again, and I wanted to get back on track so I got into a program.

“Sana samahan niyo ako, and if you guys are rooting for me, please comment #YASSLETSGETIT

“And I hope this post inspires you guys and sana sama-sama tayo on this journey of being healthier and happier this 2022.”

Sa isa pang Instagram post nitong Enero 12, 2022, ibinahagi ni Yassi ang kanyang “food baby” sabay paalala sa kanyang mga fans na huwag basta-basta maniniwala sa mga nakikita sa social media.

“Don’t believe social media all the time, angles that make some of us perfect aren’t always perfect in real life.

“Remember that kids! And that’s okay! Just work towards your goals when you’re ready! #YASSLETSGETIT”