Korean movies continue to baffle their audience one k-drama after another. After the success of the Squid Game, will this be the next megahit series?

“There is no justice in the world unless we make it” – Lord Baelish.

What if the justice of the world is not enough.

At first, it does seem that way, but after the following episodes, audiences are led to a deeper meaning than what the series started on.

The story is far from the cliche supernatural trope. A play on the justice system of the heavens versus that of the humans, or so we thought.

screengrab Netflix hellbound photo of the New Truth building

The first few episodes follow a police detective with a tragic past fighting something greater than the human-built system. Next, we get to see the capabilities of human justice and eventually the heavens form of justice according to a new fast-growing religious group also known as “The New Truth.”

Take note that this is no superhero movie. There would be no one to save the day. With its themes, it seems more close to reality, that the villain of the series is actually much scarier than zombies and intergalactic aliens.

Episode after episode, viewers are left to hope for a silver lining, only for it to be squashed down and eradicated in the next few minutes. The series is not afraid to break its viewers’ hearts, one way or another.

screengrab Netflix hellbound photo of the premonition

Instead of focusing on how to defeat these so-called angels like how most series would’ve approached it, Hellbound shows how to survive the aftermath of the events, showing how powerless humans can be in the face of a supernatural.

With the help of fear and religious views, it shows how quick it is to manipulate the human mind. And it begs the question who is the real enemy in the series? We get to watch as both sides see what they believe is the truth crumble to dust.

The series keeps you wondering what will happen next and makes you doubt what you thought you knew.

screengrab Netflix hellbound photo of the Angel of death running

Of course, it’s no short of drama. So, get ready for the emotional baggage it comes with. A twist from their usual genre of romance.

It’s impressive how they manage to load tons of the characters in a six-episode series. Although it isn’t too rushed nor is it too slow, it is, as they say, satisfying.

The movie leaves you grasping for the next episode as it slowly pulls the audience away from the real mystery and then pushes them to the reality they have to accept.

It’s like it’s too much for our human minds to interpret such a being that we had no choice but to follow along the rest of the series.

screengrab Netflix hellbound photo of the Angel of Death

And though the real mystery is left unsolved, the series added another one on top of that. This will leave its audience hooked for the second season or to drop it for its complexity and annoyance of not having any answers in their grasp. But for me, it’s definitely the former.

The series is a 7/10 for its ingenuity. If you guys are in the mood to binge-watch a series, I suggest trying Hellbound. The series has tons to offer from its unique storylines, crazy characters, quick-paced action, and a heart-wrenching ending that will leave you wanting more. Catch it now on NETFLIX.

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