The most exciting Marvel trilogy yet! Faced with the ultimate crossover of his enemies from different spidermen across the multiverse.

And we have Doctor Strange to blame!

According to the trailer, the entire madness started when Peter asked for Doctor Stranges’ help to remove everyone’s memory of him being Spiderman. This resulted in a fissure, bringing every villain of other “Peter Parkers” into this version’s reality.

With just its trailer, Marvel leaves its fans with goosebumps all over once again.

What do you get when you have multiple failed Spiderman franchises? Marvel’s answer? Bring them back all together in one Epic movie!

Hints are dropped everywhere, and everyone is left to theorize on what is to come.

Dr. Strange
Dr. Strange 📷 Screengrab at New Rockstars Youtube Channel

We get to see Peter Parker grow up to face real consequences where he could no longer hide behind spiderman’s mask. Challenges that might be too big for him to evade, with Doctor Strange hinting at something Peter does not entirely agree of.

And above all, our hero faces every known enemy in the spider-verse. From the Green Goblin to what it looks like to be Electro and others more, it is the ultimate crossover.

Green Goblin
Green Goblin 📷 Screengrab at New Rockstars Youtube Channel
Electro 📷 Screengrab at New Rockstars Youtube Channel

Who wouldn’t be stoked about seeing those villains again, especially if you’ve been following the web-slinging action since Toby Maguires’s Spiderman? Brings back nostalgia and horror cause you know how scary those villains can be, and now all of them have to face this young Peter Parker.

And to top it all of, we saw a clip of MJ falling from a building, a remake of the traumatic failure of Andrew Garfields’ spiderman.

Doc Ock
Doc Ock 📷 Screengrab at New Rockstars Youtube Channel

But with all the threat and seriousness throughout the trailer, it does show a bit of humor splattered about, so hopefully, this one doesn’t get too dark. We even got a glimpse of Doc Ock being friendly to Peter Parker and his friends.

Sure the previous spiderman movies were a letdown to some fans, but with this new one, this could be a redemption arc, justice for the entire franchise, saving it from completely failing.

Now, all that’s left is Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield to appear, which Marvel seems to be intent on hiding. This will either be the greatest kept secret of Marvel if it is to happen or the biggest letdown if it didn’t.

Fingers crossed.

Catch the most hyped-up Marvel movie of this year on December 17.