In a fascinating revelation that echoes the adoration of one of the world’s biggest pop stars, the Philippines has recently emerged as the top-ranked nation in global Google searches for American icon, Taylor Swift. This commendable feat stems from the persistent zeal of Swift’s hardcore fans in the country, popularly known as “Swifties”.

Taylor swift photo
Photo: @taylorswift IG

During the week of July 2 to 8, the Philippines recorded a maximum score of 100 in worldwide search interest for the “Taylor Swift” search term. This spike in interest was primarily attributed to the release of Swift’s re-recorded album ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’ and the onset of ticket sales for the Southeast Asian leg of her international ‘The Eras Tour’ taking place in Singapore.

The Philippines, powered by the undying fervor of the Swifties, even surpassed the concert host, Singapore, which scored an 87. The United States and Australia trailed behind, scoring 79 and 74, respectively, before the search interest plummeted, with Ireland standing at number five with a score of 55 .

Regionally within the Philippines, CALABARZON (encompassing the provinces of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon) topped the charts with a score of 100, with Metro Manila a close second at 99. The top five regions were completed by Central Luzon (95), Bicol (92), and Western Visayas (91), all demonstrating the extent of Swift’s influence and popularity.

Taylor Swift Photo
Photo: @taylorswift IG

Interestingly, this “interest over time” statistic refers to the dominance of a specific search term in comparison to other keywords at a certain time and place. In this case, Taylor Swift as a search term dwarfed all other keywords in the Philippines and its top five regions.

This data is impressive, but not entirely surprising. The Philippines has long been home to a significant portion of Swift’s fanbase in Southeast Asia, perhaps even the world. Swift’s music has been reigning supreme on streaming charts for nearly two years, undoubtedly catalyzed by her regular release schedule.

Taylor Swift photo
Photo: @taylorswift IG

Despite the Philippines’ exclusion from Swift’s ‘The Eras Tour’, Filipino Swifties haven’t been disheartened. Tribute performances and drag shows impersonating the pop sensation have drawn hundreds of fans in various venues. One such event, featuring a drag queen named Taylor Sheesh, replicated Swift’s essence to a T, pulling hundreds of Filipino Swifties to a local shopping mall.

Swift has not been to Manila since 2011, when she performed at the Araneta Coliseum for her ‘Red Tour’. However, her impact continues to reverberate through her music and the incessant love of her fans. As her sixth concert tour ‘The Eras Tour’ goes through five continents before its grand finale in London on August 17, 2024, Filipino Swifties will be following along with bated breath.

Indeed, this towering wave of fandom is a testament to Swift’s global appeal and the power of music to connect people across continents. Despite the physical distance, Swifties in the Philippines demonstrate that their passion for their beloved pop idol knows no boundaries.