Malabon Zoo has become the center of attention with the recent birth of a rare white lion cub on June 23. The cub, a male, is the offspring of two light brown lions, according to the zoo’s owner, Manny Tangco.

Tangco proudly introduced the white lion cub to the media and zoo visitors. However, the cub remains unnamed, and Tangco is seeking suggestions from the public for a suitable name. In a video uploaded by ABS-CBN News, Tangco invited everyone to visit Malabon Zoo and participate in naming the extraordinary white lion. He described the cub as a “very, very rare” miracle bestowed upon the zoo by God.

While the number of white lions in the wild is limited, they are not yet classified as endangered. The Global White Lion Protection Trust reports that there are no more than 13 white lions worldwide. Despite their rarity, white lions do not possess a distinct scientific label and are therefore not protected by current laws. This means they can be captured and sold.

The Global White Lion Protection Trust emphasizes the need for extensive research on the genes of white lions to ensure their enhanced protection and conservation. Furthermore, they advocate for an elevated conservation status for white lions in current scientific classifications and methodologies.

Rare White Lion

The adorable pure white lion cub displayed a calm demeanor when introduced to the public, particularly a child, at Malabon Zoo. This rarity in nature is attributed to the recessive genes that both the male and female lions must possess for the birth of a white cub.

The zoo and its owner are excited about the presence of this unique white lion cub and hope that its birth will raise awareness about the importance of conserving and protecting these magnificent creatures.