Former actress turned vlogger, Andi Eigenmann, is bursting with pride as her youngest daughter, Lilo, turned four on Sunday, July 23! To mark the occasion, Eigenmann took to Instagram, sharing a series of adorable photos of the birthday girl, including a precious throwback snap from 2019 featuring baby Lilo with her parents.

In her heartfelt caption, the “Agua Bendita” star couldn’t hold back her love and admiration for her nature-loving daughter. Referring to Lilo’s passion for surfing and gymnastics, Eigenmann called her “our little surfin-twirlin island girl.”

Photo: @andieigengirl IG

“Our lives have become so much more vibrant since you came into this world, my dear,” Eigenmann expressed, adding that it has been an absolute pleasure to watch Lilo grow into a “beautiful girl with a giant heart.” The proud mom praised her daughter for her brightness, spunkiness, and silliness, urging her to continue being herself.

Closing her message with love and support, Eigenmann reassured Lilo that she has the backing of her family every step of the way. “We love you, we are proud of you, and we are rooting for you all the way!” she said.

Lilo’s father and Eigenmann’s fiancé, Philmar Alipayo, also joined in the celebration on Instagram, sharing a sweet video of the family singing the birthday song to their half-awake daughter. Despite her sleepiness, Lilo managed to show her age with four fingers, leaving her dad in awe.

Photo: Screengrab @Chepoxz IG

The birthday love continued on Eigenmann’s Instagram Stories, where she reposted greetings from family members, including her brother and his wife. The couple, along with their adorable children Lilo and Koa, make a loving and inseparable family.