Andrea Brillantes has opened up about her unique method for overcoming a breakup, without explicitly referring to her former partner, Ricci Rivero. During a vlog with actor-comedian Vice Ganda, Brillantes advised her fans to reflect on certain turn-offs when attempting to move on after a relationship ends.

In the candid conversation, Brillantes revealed that she personally copes with breakups by considering the negative aspects of her ex-partner. She humorously mentioned scenarios like, “Do I really want to cry over a guy who hasn’t done his laundry for a year?” According to basketball player Rivero’s confirmation on Twitter on June 9, the couple had indeed parted ways.

Andrea Brillantes
Photo: @blythe IG

Vice Ganda, a mainstay on “It’s Showtime,” concurred with Brillantes’ approach, stating that honestly acknowledging an ex’s flaws can help rebuild self-esteem after a breakup. The actress responded by suggesting that her past love had blinded her to her ex-boyfriend’s true nature, emphasizing the transformative power of self-love and awareness.

During the vlog, Brillantes also mentioned her inclination to trust her intuition in relationships, which often proves accurate following a breakup. She shared that her exes frequently labeled her as controlling and possessive, but she consistently found evidence to support her claims. Breakups often reveal previously unknown details, prompting many individuals to share “tea” or inside information.

In another revelation, Brillantes hinted at her intention to sell a particular gift she had received, as she is known for being a thoughtful giver. However, she chose not to disclose the item or its significance. She reasoned that she didn’t see herself using or wearing it anymore and felt it would be more beneficial to sell it for shopping funds rather than returning it to her ex-partner, who might give it away to someone else.

Photo: @blythe IG

Brillantes confirmed that she wouldn’t be reclaiming any gifts she had given her ex-boyfriend, even though she didn’t disclose his identity. She jokingly mentioned that if she were to take back everything she had given him, he would have nothing left in his condo.

In a previous interview with lifestyle magazine Preview, Brillantes expressed that the breakup with Rivero had contributed to her gaining inner peace. She acknowledged that the experience had made her realize she had grown beyond her youthful phase and had achieved a sense of tranquility within herself.