In the glitzy world of Philippine showbiz, a small misunderstanding can quickly spiral into a rumor of a major rift between stars. Such was the case with the much-talked-about tension between Bea Alonzo and Alden Richards, who recently starred in the local adaptation of the hit Korean drama “Start-Up PH.”

Now, in an exclusive interview, Alonzo sets the record straight.

Reports of a falling-out between Alonzo and Richards, her co-star in “Start-Up PH,” emerged when the show was still airing1. The rumor mill buzzed about an alleged on-set conflict, which both actors had hitherto left unaddressed.

Fast Talk with Boy Abunda

Finally, Alonzo broke her silence during a recent “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” interview. Asked whether the rumors of a quarrel were true or false, Alonzo admitted that there had been a misunderstanding, but she stressed that it did not escalate into a fight.

“We just had a moment of resentment towards one another, but we didn’t fight,” she clarified1. According to Alonzo, the brief resentment stemmed from their diverse backgrounds as artists.

Despite the misunderstanding, they managed to find a mature way to settle things, discussing their issues while on a promotional tour for “Start-Up PH”.

Photo: @beaalonzo IG

Richards echoed Alonzo’s sentiments during a media conference for “Battle of the Judges,” an upcoming talent competition show. He expressed bafflement over how a minor misunderstanding got blown out of proportion and emphasized the importance of open communication.

Interestingly, despite rumors of a rift, Alonzo and Richards’ camaraderie shone through when they had to organize a thanksgiving party for “Start-Up PH” together.

In a previous interview, Alonzo even praised Richards, saying, “When you act with Bea, para kayong nakasakay sa isang stream na dire-diretso lang (You are like riding on a stream that just keeps flowing).”

The two actors were originally slated to star in the film “A Moment to Remember,” but Alonzo opted out due to her packed schedule. The role subsequently went to Julia Barretto.

Both actors are now working on separate projects. They seem to have put the misunderstanding behind them, proving that professional disputes need not necessarily mar personal relationships in the entertainment industry.