Balik na sa pag-woworkout si Camille Prats Yambao matapos ang isang buwan na pamamahinga.

Ibinahagi kasi ng aktres na nag-udergo siya sa isang minor surgery para matanggal ang kanyang cyst sa paa at kinailangan niyang tumigil sa pagworkout.

“About a month ago, I had a minor surgery on my left foot. Had a ganglion cyst removed coz its been growing and bothering me whenever I wear rubber shoes for workout.,” sey niya sa kanyang socmed post.

Tumagal raw ang kanyang pagpapagaling kaya hindi agad siya nakabalik sa pag workout.

“Recovery took more than expected, doc said 10 days but the wound wasn’t healing as fast as I’d hoped. This meant no workout for a month for me 😢,” aniya pa.

Inamin ng aktres na nahirapan siya sa pagbabalik sa kanyang routine at halos gusto na nitong tumigil.

“For a time, I felt frustrated for not being able to do my usual routine. I also know that the lack of workout for a long period of time means muscles will weaken and it will be very challenging to start all over again. A month of recovery and I finally got to workout again.. what can I say… its soooo hard!!! I almost always want to stop 😔 but then I realized, I have to keep going and get over the hard part for me to get stronger and do it again the next day,” chika ng aktres.

Pero disiplina lang aniya ang kailangan, “I was reminded once again what discipline is all about; doing it even when you don’t feel like it.

“Here I am, back at 121 lbs, struggling and starting all over again one day at a time. If this is your day 1, you can do it! Tara? Sabay sabay tayong mahirapan😅,” dagdag pa niya.

PHOTOS: Camille Prats/Facebook