A delightful fusion of Philippine and South Korean stardom illuminated the pop-up event of Italian fashion brand Giorgio Armani Mare in Singapore. Acclaimed actress Liza Soberano and charismatic South Korean actor Ji Chang Wook, fondly known as ‘Wookie’, shared a captivating moment together on Friday, July 14th.

actress Liza Soberano and charismatic South Korean actor Ji Chang Wook
Photo: @lizasoberano IG

Dressed in an exquisite pastel-colored silk outfit, Soberano emanated grace and charm while her South Korean counterpart, Wook, made an equally stunning appearance in a peach-colored silk jacket and trousers. The event, which took place at the opulent Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, also saw the attendance of Soberano’s manager, James Reid, donned in a chic metallic three-piece suit from the label.

Liza Soberano
Photo: @lizasoberano IG

The unexpected yet delightful meeting between the stars elicited a wave of online adoration, with netizens showering praise for both the actors’ beauty and attire. Many also expressed envy over the fortunate encounter, indicating the strong fan bases both personalities command.

This rendezvous comes amidst Soberano’s recent headlines for defending herself against inappropriate comments from a netizen. Despite personal challenges, she remains focused on her international work and continues to receive steadfast support from her boyfriend Enrique Gil, dispelling rumors about their breakup. Gil appreciates her global focus, reaffirming their individual commitments to their respective projects while supporting each other unwaveringly.