Celebrity couple Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde have joyfully exchanged vows, celebrating their love and commitment in a heartfelt union at a charming chapel in the scenic city of Baguio. The much-awaited wedding took place at this picturesque venue on Friday, July 28th, exactly a year after they announced their engagement.

Sharing their blissful journey with their fans, the couple revealed enchanting pre-nuptial photos on their social media platforms, capturing the love and excitement surrounding their special day.

In a touching gesture, Arjo Atayde expressed his love and devotion through a heartfelt poem dedicated to his newlywed wife. Embracing their promising future together, the actor-turned-politician raised a toast to their eternal love, symbolizing a love that blossoms and grows with each passing moment.

Having been in each other’s lives for four years, Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde’s journey is a testament to enduring love and genuine companionship, now cemented in the bonds of marriage, creating a beautiful chapter in their love story.