Pauline Amelinckx, the representative from the Philippines, finished as the first runner-up in the Miss Supranational 2023 beauty pageant. The event took place in Poland and was won by Andrea Victoria Aguilera Paredes from Ecuador.

Pauline Amelinckx put up a stunning performance throughout the competition. She captivated the audience in her bright red Filipiñana costume and elegant black evening gown, demonstrating her beauty and grace. In the preliminary stages, she impressed everyone with her silver bejeweled cutout evening gown and showcased her curves in a colorful swimsuit. Notably, she was the winner of the “Suprachat” challenge and advanced to the Top 7 of the “Supra Influencer” challenge.

Pauline Amelinckx answer segment

During the Top 5 question and answer segment, she was asked, “What makes a good brand ambassador for the Miss Supranational organization?” Her response emphasized the qualities of dedication and unity. She asserted that a good brand ambassador would be someone dedicated to her journey and the people who have supported her, as well as the organization she works with. Further, the ambassador should also strive to bring people together, recognizing the shared experiences and commonalities among diverse individuals.

Although Amelinckx did not win the crown, her strong performance has made the Philippines proud. The first Miss Supranational crown for the Philippines was previously won by Mutya Datul in 2013.