Sharon Cuneta, the iconic Philippine megastar, has recently undergone an endoscopy procedure to address severe nasal congestion. Her medical team has advised her to rest her voice in order to prevent potential infections.

Cuneta, widely known for her extraordinary talent and magnetic stage presence, revealed the necessity of medical intervention due to her persistently clogged nasal passages. The endoscopy procedure involved the use of a specialized instrument called an endoscope, which was inserted through her nose to examine and treat the underlying issues causing her discomfort.

Prior to her appearance as a guest on the premiere episode of Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon’s show “E.A.T.” on TV5, she recollected sensing discomfort in her throat.

Her doctor advised her to rest her voice for one week. They mentioned that aside from fatigue, it was stress-induced. She expressed gratitude to those who caused her stress, saying she would leave them in God’s hands. Additionally, she revealed that she was also dealing with acid reflux.

The renowned artist’s healthcare professionals stressed the importance of giving her voice a much-needed break to avoid any potential infections. As a result, she was unable to attend several shooting days for her movie alongside Alden Richards, titled “A Mother and Son’s Story.”

Alden Richards and Sharon Cuneta
Photo: Screengrab reallysharoncuneta IG

While her absence may leave a temporary void in the entertainment industry, Cuneta’s health and well-being take precedence. Fans and friends in the industry have taken to social media to express their love, support, and prayers for her speedy recovery.

Sharon Cuneta
Phot: Screengrab reallysharoncuneta IG

As we send Sharon Cuneta our best wishes for a swift recovery, let us stand united in supporting her as she takes the necessary time to prioritize her well-being and regain her strength.