Sunshine Cruz has finally shed light on her split with Macky Mathay, revealing the reasons behind their breakup after nearly six years together.

During an interview with Karen Davila, released on Thursday, July 13, the actress candidly shared her perspective. She admitted that she didn’t wait long to pursue a relationship with Macky after her separation from actor Cesar Montano, her ex-husband of 13 years. Sunshine clarified that she was focused on her children and career at the time but gave Macky a chance, with no regrets.

Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano
Photo: sunshinecruz718 IG

The decision to end their relationship came just five days before their sixth anniversary. Sunshine took the initiative to break up through a message, explaining that she didn’t see the relationship progressing anymore.

The mother of three expressed that she felt the relationship wasn’t evolving or moving forward as she had hoped. While she acknowledged that Macky is a good person and she loves his children, she believes that at her age, she is seeking a relationship that shows signs of growth.

Photo: @sunshinecruz718 IG

Despite their separation, Sunshine emphasized that she has no plans to remarry and is content with having a life partner. She mentioned that she isn’t currently considering marriage but jokingly added that perhaps in her 60s or 70s, like Tita Boots Anson-Roa, she might change her mind if it aligns with God’s will. She emphasized that marriage cannot be forced and if it’s not meant for her, she’s at peace with it.

However, Sunshine remains open to the possibility of falling in love again, as she believes in the joy and inspiration that love brings. She expressed that everyone has the right to love and be loved.

Speculation about their breakup started in September 2022 when keen-eyed netizens noticed that Sunshine and Macky had unfollowed each other on Instagram. The actress further fueled the rumors by sharing quotes about moving on. The couple began dating in September 2016.