In the glamorous world of showbiz, where dazzling smiles and radiant faces dominate the spotlight, there lies an unseen side of celebrity motherhood that seldom gets the attention it deserves. Angelica Panganiban, the beloved actress known for her talent and charm, recently shed light on this hidden aspect of her life as a first-time mom.

Through a heartfelt Instagram Story, Angelica expressed her feelings about some of the people in her life who seem to be drawn to her for just one reason – her adorable bundle of joy. In a candid moment of vulnerability, she lamented how visitors would show up at her doorstep, not to inquire about her well-being or offer a helping hand, but merely to catch a glimpse of her precious baby.

Angelica Panganiban and Baby Amila Sabine
Image: Instagram/@iamangelicap

With a tinge of disappointment, Angelica recounted the advice she had seen in a video on “visiting new parents.” The video suggested that guests should extend their support to new moms by assisting with chores, helping care for the little one, and genuinely checking on how the mother herself has been coping with this new chapter of her life.

Regrettably, it seemed that the message hadn’t reached all her acquaintances, leaving Angelica feeling somewhat overlooked. “Until now, hindi pa rin ako madalas kamustahin ng mga fersons,” she wrote, expressing her longing for a simple gesture of concern. Her words hinted at the lack of messages inquiring about her postpartum well-being or her recovery from a hip injury.

Image: Instagram/@iamangelicap

While she admitted to growing accustomed to this behavior, Angelica emphasized that it doesn’t mean she won’t be affected by it. Her pain may not be visible, but it’s there, subtly taking a toll on her emotions. She made it clear that if the neglect persists, she may inevitably create emotional distance from those who fail to see beyond the charm of her little one.

In September 2022, Angelica embraced motherhood with the arrival of her beautiful daughter, Amila Sabine, with her partner Gregg Homan. Amid the excitement of their engagement announcement a month later, and the forthcoming wedding plans set for 2024, Angelica’s journey as a new mom deserves recognition and understanding.