An Australian sailor, Timothy Lyndsay Shaddock, and his faithful dog, Bella, have been rescued after enduring a grueling two-month ordeal lost at sea off the coast of Mexico. Their voyage from La Paz to French Polynesia took a disastrous turn when their catamaran, “Aloha Toa” was severely damaged by a violent storm, rendering their electronics useless. Left adrift in the vast expanse of the North Pacific Ocean, Shaddock and Bella relied on resourcefulness and resilience to survive.

Their survival strategy included drinking rainwater and consuming raw fish caught with their fishing gear. Living under a small canopy on their wrecked vessel provided them with some shelter, but they faced extreme hardships and isolation during their time at sea. A Mexican tuna trawler, on a mission to spot tuna from a helicopter, came to their rescue when they were spotted in a precarious state without provisions or adequate shelter.

Upon rescue, Shaddock, visibly emaciated but expressing gratitude, acknowledged the challenging nature of their journey and his need for rest and nourishment. The fishing boat’s crew provided them with crucial medical attention, food, and water. Shaddock and Bella are now on their way to the port of Manzanillo on the Pacific coast of Mexico, where they will receive further care and support as they recover from their extraordinary and life-threatening adventure at sea.

Timothy Lyndsay Shaddock