If you’ve been to the Island of Boracay, undoubtedly you have experienced commuting e-trikes, since it is the fastest way of getting around. But, there’s a flip side. It is relatively known on the Island that there are a lot of picky drivers who prioritize gaining more profit than being of service to the people.

But not everyone, not this “manong” driver, no, he always serves any person asking for a ride regardless of their destination and the number of passengers.

Who is this “manong” driver? He is a simple and committed e-trike driver who is just doing his everyday job to earn a living; little did he know that the people he served appreciated him much more than he thought.

In Bugtaw Boracay, a public Facebook page, a man named Ariel De Isidro Belo posted his appreciation and gratefulness to a “manong” driver for his kindness and dedication to his work.

Mr. Ariel claimed in his post that “manong” driver never fails to give him a ride every time he goes home from Brgy. Balabag to Brgy. Yapak, even though he is the only passenger.

To anyone who went to Boracay island, having an e-trike ride alone is tough. You may end up paying more than usual or waiting for hours to get a ride. Luckily, not for Mr. Ariel; he met an e-trike driver, not like everyone else.

The dedicated e-trike driver touched the heart of Mr. Ariel, and that’s why he posted his appreciation to “manong” driver,

“Kunta e bless ka pagd nong kng sino kaman🙏 uwa ta nakilala sa pangalan pero sa itsura kilalang kilala ta eon gd🔥,” he said in the post.

(I hope you’ll be blessed sir whoever you are, and I may not know your name, but I am very familiar with your face.)

To think that other passengers who read the post also recognize the “manong” driver and, like Mr. Ariel, they laud and thank him for his service.

Furthermore, both Mr. Ariel and the commentators agree that those picky drivers should follow “manong” driver’s example, whose name was later found out to be Mr. Jeff Tirao based on the comments.

Sometimes, even the simplest act would mean a lot to someone, and Mr. Tirao’s work ethic reminded us that at any time, we should always be kind and considerate to others.

In doing so, let us not be too quick to judge other people; Mr. Ariel’s post said that when people criticize the drivers, they conclude that every driver is the same.

Well, “Manong” Tirao’s actions already proved them wrong.

May Mr. Tirao’s selfless act sparks another.